I was so scared to take these photos with this phenomenal photographer. I wore no make up, no fancy lingerie (I made the panties myself) I was completely bare & honest both physically & mentally. These photos are a tool with which I can see beauty in myself & realize that no opinions of me matter. What matters is that I choose to be in love with myself & marvel at the beauty I find in me. Thank you Andrew ;)



Sometimes I get the camera out, expecting to take a few beauty shots and end up with shots like these. I know that there are more flattering poses, that I could look prettier with makeup, filters and some light retouching but it’s nothing short of cathargic to just face yourself the way you are, scars, bumps, bruises and all. It’s like letting go of the edge of the swimming pool and simply trusting that you won’t drown. 

I’m developing a little bit of a perv crush on this human.