Count down to H A L L O W E E N! 10 days & I will release a set for purchase here! One for you to keep the Holiday spirit going all year long ;) xo *

With October started I can finally get some of these out of my drafts folder., feel free to browse hereherehereherehere, and here if you would like to see vaguely related imagery.



Choke Fap

I wish the quality was better, but the content is amazing.


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Flashback 2013: Model Viviana Storm…

Being young Viv’s first shoot with me, and AFAICT, her first bondage shoot anywhere, I didn’t pull any punches on the restraints here. Her wrists cuffed and belted to her waist, her elbows pulled behind her with another locking strap, her ankles cuffed and belted together… all kept her from possibly getting away… the gag kept her silent.

Her fate? I tickled her… :) She’s quite ticklish, and  rather loud about it even through the gag… but that was the worst she was to endure… I’m not a bastard ya know… and I wanted her to want to come back and shoot again. (she did!)

She’s got an adorable smile, I think, and pleasingly curvy figure… and if ever get a chance to just chat with her, she’s a funny, quick witted lady.

Excellent. Follow this fine example and send us your dirty pictures!



two incredible women for the price of one…

missleahart getting her mouth around malmartine's cock in a dirty hallway…

I fucked up (well ran out of room) and cut off the graffitti to camera left…

"sheep are present"


The amazing Michelle L’amour and the, well, amazing Matt Classi

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