MyNudeSelfProject - 12 Feb 2014

“Saints and Sinners may be separated by their actions, but they are united by their reaction to passion.” ― Gaiven Clairmont


Do you absolutely love The Fat Naked Art Project? Do you live in or around NYC and want to shoot with me? You’re in luck because I’ll be in NYC December 13th-16th and I”m looking for people to shoot with. I’ll be renting a location (not sure where yet though). Please spread this like wildfire and send me a message if you want to shoot!! 

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Broken Refection

The top two images focus on my body and as I see it, in a broken world. My body is conquering those negative cracks in the cycle of like and social acceptance. The bottom two images focus on those cracks that are obsicles and imperfections. The bottom two represent how my presence here, is flawed and broken. My anxiety takes over my personality and my depression makes me feel a lot more shattered than this Mirror right here. In the end they all represent the positive and negative sides of my personality and body image. I will conquer what haunts me most..In time.. 

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Self Portrait by Taylor Marie

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All prints for sale, contact me here or at if interested.

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Lauren WK

It has been brought to my attention that I had inadvertently posted a modified version of this original photo. That photo has been removed and this (superior) photo has been posted instead.

If you posted the other version you should remove it and replace it with this original.


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