Jamie French and Eva “Kitty” Cassini


page 2 of “Hunter’s Prize” for a commission

I just want to tell my 3 commissioners who have waited over 2 months for me to start their commissions

ALL their commissions will get special treatments like this one.

I got another comic page commission that I will also extend to 5 pages

and 2 sketch commissions that I will actually go on and Color

no extra charge for them (unless they wanted to tip. (but who would like to tip to someone who have made you wait so much to actually send the payment for a commission they had slotted for 2 months)

k anyway

once im done this I’ll commence with the second comic commission while working at the 2 color commissions for azurepond







Will I have an aching tongue by the end of the night?…

How well trained is your tongue, dear? But regardless I can promise you will.

An aching tongue is the sign of a job well done.

my approval is the only sign of a job well done that you need. and you’ll have it when i’ve squirted all over your face.

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