Who says that only men sniff underwear? And only women’s underwear is worth sniffing? Yum.


Ivonne by Hart-Worx

an absolutely breathtaking photo of an unconventionally breathtaking woman

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Man oh man. There’s something about being fisted- feeling stretched, feeling full, almost pain (sometimes straight up pain) mixed with pleasure to blow my mind and make me unable to speak coherently. And that sense of accomplishment afterwards, while gasping and twitching and snuggling. It’s like nothing else.

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Do you absolutely love The Fat Naked Art Project? Do you live in or around NYC and want to shoot with me? You’re in luck because I’ll be in NYC December 13th-16th and I”m looking for people to shoot with. I’ll be renting a location (not sure where yet though). Please spread this like wildfire and send me a message if you want to shoot!! 

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Holy shit gang, we all need to be following fuckwhisperer.


Ooo. My most recent shoot with kink.com for whipped ass went up a few days ago. As the title mentions, it was my first strap-on, squirting, and lesbian experience. I had a lot of fun being bossed around by Bella Rossi.

Purchase here.

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