This felt even better than I thought it would. Each pinch was like a bolt of pleasure. And the smell of my pussy was driving me wild and making me whimper a little as I pulled on each clothespin. Thank you for the request, I hope it pleases you like it pleased me ;)

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Oyle and Bleu are two hot masculine southern trans men with lot’s of tattoos and scruff to die for! These hotties make out before Oyle tops Bleu with a huge silicone cock. They aggressively fuck all over the bed before Bleu cums all over Oyle’s cock. Oyle rewards Bleu with some nice trans cock face fucking, this rough and sweet update is a scene you won’t want to miss here on!

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Mizz Amanda Marie. Photo ©2014 Mike Travis.

Seriously crushing on shaved heads.



"I’ve got your memory, or has it got me?"

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