Fedora & Jessika playing some paddle ball…

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Ok, I admit it, the only reason I bought WHIP #7 (1975) is because Rene Bond is on the cover, and she’s the apple of my eye. Dudes being dominated doesn’t really do much for me, although I love the ladies in the fetish gear.

But as soon as I got it home, freed it from it’s protective sealed plastic bag, and opened it up, I could see that it was a worthwhile purchase. I mean, BATGIRL here on the first page was enough to tell me that! DUDE! SHE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU! Oh man, you guys. He totally can’t see anything! SHE’S. RIGHT. BEHIND. YOU.

Ok, he knows she’s there. And he’s kissing her… um.. leather bound book she carries around? Weird. Superheroes have weird rules.




Oookay, well, I guess I need to buy this video after all!

Because oh my god, this is everything I want from SM porn except audio. Sub’s faaace. His squirming! Forget dancing, that is a pain ballet. Absolutely gorgeous. And all the touching, YES! (Because the only thing better than seeing him tremble is feeling it.) Finally, a dom I fully understand!!

And then! As if it’s not already awesome enough, then there’s that last gif, asdfghjklwhaaaat.
Am… am I dead? Did I die?
Because that one makes this just plain heavenly. Did not expect that. Still kinda can’t believe it, actually.

Wow, BG. Just… wow. I didn’t even know you could. 


i can’t even believe the first and last gifs are real???

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