Little Miss Fats “Takes a HUGE One”

this video was supposed to be a really cute intro to my new GIANT toy that I got. I wanted to shoot all my firsts with it. The first time I put my mouth on it, and the first time I put it in my twat…. but things got out of hand pretty quickly. The video turns from a sweet playful show and tell to a desperate intense masturbation session. You guys get to watch my very first orgasm with this monster cock ^_^ (warning: LOTS of sweat, moaning, heavy breathing, and dirty words!) 

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“Now is the time to find out just why I wanted you to abstain from masturbating at all for 2 weeks; I wanted this gorgeous pussy so sensitive. I know how sensitive your clitoris usually is, so I can’t even imagine how it is going to feel once this torments that little cherry. These feathers are going to constantly spin against your clit for as long as I want, and I’m feeling cruel today…

Oh dear, it must be torture not being able to move away from these constantly whipping feathers. You can’t take it anymore? Don’t be silly, you’ve been telling me for the past 15 minutes that your clitoris is too sensitive, yet that hasn’t stopped you from coming so hard. No, I won’t be stopping quite so soon.”

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source by: OrgasmAbuse

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