Annie Sprinkle, Poem By My Ass. (Photo by Fakir Musafar. Image design by Katharine Gates.)

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Commission for themanwithnoname

It’s always fun to draw dominatrix times, especially with subs that crossdress. Kudos to men that can don the heels really damn well.

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Ooo. My most recent shoot with kink.com for whipped ass went up a few days ago. As the title mentions, it was my first strap-on, squirting, and lesbian experience. I had a lot of fun being bossed around by Bella Rossi.

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It’s still #thongthursday for a little while longer right?
These photos were shot by Chopper Dave in Long Beach CA during My last socal trip. dress was a gift from My tickle slave. Shoes were a gift froma different slave. THAT in itself makes Me happy. Hair and makeup by Misti Dawn
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After a short absence of unknown cause, here is Matthew Lovecock; owner of what may be the most shapely bottom on Tumblr.

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