My newest shoot “National Pornographic”, feb 2014

Ladies, gentlemen and assorted et cetera: Tara Emory.

Before I head to my bunk: Tara, are those glasses a Girl Genius ref?

Yes. Though I haven’t read much Girl Genius, I’ve been familiar with Phil Foglio’s work for over 20 years, and I was specifically thinking that with those specs. They’re sunglasses I popped the lenses out of, though I may consider getting prescription lenses in them



Sally Commission for Kittysan

Though this took a while to finish I’m very pleased on how it came out. The concept of the character is a mix of stuff I’m very fond of. Kitty came with the idea of the character and some previous commissions and a new concept for her character. She wanted Sally to be depicted more as a plump Mexican woman in Burlesque-Día de los muertos outfit. I had so much fun designing her outfit and face and everything. I put some Rockabilly styled roses if you noticed, I think it matches =)

I’m definitely doing more outfits on this Burlesque-Día de los muertos style, I think it’s just a great mix =)

You can view the sketch of this image here and the inks here