Baddest balls in the biz, bay-beeeeee. 

Seriously with those lights on it gets so fucking hot in that room, and your balls adjust to your body heat because they have to stay at a very specific temperature so as not to kill all their little swimmers. So the hotter you are, the farther away they move. The colder are, the closer they stay. And there have been days where my balls are all up on my dick. So image how hot it is in there. hahaha.

/science lesson




My newest shoot “National Pornographic”, feb 2014

Ladies, gentlemen and assorted et cetera: Tara Emory.

Before I head to my bunk: Tara, are those glasses a Girl Genius ref?

Yes. Though I haven’t read much Girl Genius, I’ve been familiar with Phil Foglio’s work for over 20 years, and I was specifically thinking that with those specs. They’re sunglasses I popped the lenses out of, though I may consider getting prescription lenses in them