Commission for themanwithnoname

It’s always fun to draw dominatrix times, especially with subs that crossdress. Kudos to men that can don the heels really damn well.

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More with these two.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
These two are gonna have some fun.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

These two are gonna have some fun.


Application smartphone
art by Joel Jurion

Though there are consent issues with this piece, I still like it from a purely fantasy perspective.



Part four of the lovey dovey cutey bdsm series

this might be my favorite so far because she’s so hot for her boy right now. 

always remember to play safe - rings and cuffs and ropes restrict circulation, and that can lead to serious injury if you aren’t careful!

all power exchange must be negotiated

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(c) 2014 highcastle

model : anonnonnonnonnon + model unknown

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I was so excited for Torture Garden I drew a cute little picture of myself and the outfit I wore, in anticipation. I’d be the one in black.

Sadly, I never did find a cute, pink-haired sub to be my date.


But I did bring two cute boys with me… so I REALLY can’t complain.

Nope. Not at all.