Oh my!! This reminds me
you still have a sucker in your desk at work to “use” Sounds like the perfect task for tomorrow! Oh.. And ass to mouth darling :-) the moment I message you hihi
Tomorrow in London I’ll be sucking on my own ass flavour lollipop for you Miss. I love you honey… You make me feel like such a filthy whore for YOU

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on the phone

Thank you submitting to me again. I enjoy it every time.

More of you should submit your sexy side so we can all enjoy how hot y’all are.



So nice to see that smile on her face, Looks like she is very contented in her new role in life!


Commission for themanwithnoname

It’s always fun to draw dominatrix times, especially with subs that crossdress. Kudos to men that can don the heels really damn well.

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