A good boy’s body is not its own.

i think i’ve reblogged this before, but just… it just gets to me. something about this position, where his dom can reach his whole body (the fun bits, anyway), doling out both pain and teasing pleasure, while he can still, the gasping moments between acts, lean back and rest against his dom’s belly… it’s cuddly while very clearly enforcing a disparity of power, and i like that.

the dom touching his nipple as a warm-up, too, i do that… taking a moment to watch him inhale and exhale and squirm and smile in anticipation, just enjoy the look of their body before i do anything much at all. best~

i’m not into armpits, but the position makes him so vulnerable to having his pressure points exploited. awesome. and anything where the dom only touched the head of the sub’s cock is a personal fave. the way he jerks from the limited contact in the second-last one

and of course, the final gif where the blindfold comes off, and his dom holds his hips still and finally gets serious about jerking him off. if it were me, i know there’d be some kissing and cradling his head, too, relaxing him before he’s allowed to finally just enjoy himself, while still in bondage and helpless to his dom’s touch… cause that’s what he’s into, y’know?

on the other hand, if it was me (with a sub who liked it), there’d also be a great deal more pain: slapping his cock, pinching and twisting his nipples, punching him in the pecs and slapping him in the face… 

also, does he shave his armpits as well as his crotch? i didn’t think of myself as being into that but, wow…

Why hello inspiration, hello. 

This is the hottest fucking thing