Bettie Page
I was not trying to be shocking, or to be a pioneer. I wasn’t trying to change society, or to be ahead of my time. I didn’t think of myself as liberated, and I don’t believe that I did anything important. I was just myself. I didn’t know any other way to be, or any other way to live. ~ Bettie Page

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In CSC Gallery July 2012

From the Golden Age of Porn: The Photography of Paul Johnson
July, 6th-July 28th
Reception Friday, July 6th, 6-9pm

The Center for Sex and Culture is proud to present the art of Paul Johnson, one of the most innovative
and best selling magazine photographers during the “Golden Age of Porn” (roughly 1968-1983). This
exhibition features his photography of Bay Area porn stars including Nina Hartley and Juliette Anderson
aka Aunt Peg.

Johnson pioneered POV (point of view) photography out of his desire to participate in the hot sex he
was photographing. Johnson developed his method by using wide angle lenses to put himself in the
picture and became simultaneously model and photographer.

During the beginnings of the Golden Age, Johnson was on staff at Jaybird Enterprises while they
were pushing the barriers of what could be published. Among his accomplishments there, Johnson’s
photographs for the first hardcore publication sold in U.S. adult bookstores: Sex in Marriage, was a
marriage manual with “socially redeeming” text. Sex in Marriage was strategized by 1st Amendment
lawyer Stanley Flieshman and Johnson’s editor, Bob Reitman.

Politically and historically groundbreaking, Paul Johnson’s compelling and beautiful photographs are not
to be missed.


you gotta admire any dude who can score two chicks while wearing robin’s eggs blue socks.

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Annie Sprinkle, Poem By My Ass. (Photo by Fakir Musafar. Image design by Katharine Gates.)

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