Dirty Coursebooks by Pavel Fuksa and Karolina Galácz

With the announcement of Porn Studies, an academic journal dedicated to the exploration of gittin’ it on, Pavel and Karolina created these Penguin-style educational books, each focused on various interdisciplinary branches of pornography such as bukkake, squirting, and making me giggle uncontrollably.

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I curriculum I am interested in!


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I see girls do this with pearls in porn all the time.

It’s not quite the same but. Dang it I tired!

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Choke Fap

I wish the quality was better, but the content is amazing.


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A new tab

Some of you may have noticed a new link up at the top of the page that says Send some love. This will give you information about the Ambidextrously Erotic wishlist over at Amazon in case you are so inclined to give gifts for the fine curation of sexuality that I do here. If you don’t feel so inclined, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, please enjoy the stream of sex and fun that comes out here.

Thanks kids.





So the swingers party was fun. They had a cinema room and I was placed on my knees to service the men whilst they watched porn. Sideways on so they could still see the screen no matter which hole they were fucking. I was fed and covered in lots of cum.

Then I wandered round yesterday with this written on my back under my dress.

"Last Night I Had 8 Cocks."

How sweet!