Welcome to the wide world of sexuality.  I post a large volume of content, you won’t like all of it, but you’ll love some of it. 

I’ve created this page as an outlet for all of our sexuality.  Though who I am is relevant to what I post here, it is not relevant to how you absorb the content.  You can ask me any question you like, but it is more than likely that you will receive an evasive answer at best.

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Due to the following cap (You can follow up to 5,000 blogs) I do not follow everyone who follows me back (my follower count is significantly higher than 5,000).  This doesn’t mean I don’t love all you fine folks who follow me, it just means it’s not practical for me to follow back everyone.  If your content is high quality and can fuel my fire (primarily sexy smut of some sort or another) then I will follow you back and more than likely post your stuff here.