sips tea like a totally cultured human being and not like someone who’s spent all day drawing smut because why would I do that really

This is absolutely lovely I want it to happen to me

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feels in my panties


This weeks update at

Weekly Update #081: freshiejuice Captive in Cuffs, Part 2, consisting of 36 photos; 10:24 video



I will be working on cam tonight after a little break and donate 50 % of my earnings (which hopefully will be plenty-ish) to feeding children in Ferguson who would go without food otherwise.

However, since my site takes such a large cut, I will also offer…

I don’t make a habit of using this forum for promotion (or at least not much of a habit) but this is a pretty rad thing to do for the world right now.





Do you absolutely love The Fat Naked Art Project? Do you live in or around NYC and want to shoot with me? You’re in luck because I’ll be in NYC December 13th-16th and I”m looking for people to shoot with. I’ll be renting a location (not sure where yet though). Please spread this like wildfire and send me a message if you want to shoot!! 

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